Whilst working as freelance musicians, Helena and Rebecca found they were struggling to find the time to plan thoughtful, well-rounded music lessons for their string studio in Utrecht. After an injury left Rebecca unable to perform, she was able to dedicate more time to creating worksheets and composer bios for the studio.

They quickly saw the potential for an online service - a place where they could share all of our resources with other musicians and educators who may be in a similar situation.

With very little time and even less money, Helena and Rebecca set out to create a cohesive, thorough collection of resources which could be used by classroom teachers, instrumental teachers and generalist music teachers.

MUSI Resources aims to make resources which are affordable, require little explanation (perfect for both homework and classwork) and cover subjects which may otherwise be neglected.


Our mission is to promote a higher standard of music education.


Helena Hafsteinsdóttir: Violinist, teacher and freelance musician based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Experienced in education and performance. Graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Rebecca Jansen: Cellist, freelance musician and instrumental teacher at the International School Utrecht. Experienced in music performance, education, and composition. Graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.