The Benefits of a Well-Rounded Musical Education

Becoming a well-rounded musician is key to being successful in today's music industry. It is becoming more and more important for musicians (and people in many other professions!) to be versatile, creative and experienced in a broad range of subjects.

 As teachers, it is our job to provide the most relevant education possible - and not only for future career prospects. The skills we develop through music are extremely transferable and can be beneficial in a variety of situations.



Musical ideas are realised and communicated to an audience. Engaging with music activates every subsystem of the brain, making it an extremely powerful tool in group bonding. Performance can also help to improve public speaking and presenting skills by building confidence in risk-taking and fear confrontation.  


The rules and practices of music. Music theory helps us to understand how music is constructed and can give us greater freedom in musical expression and creation. We use this to record and communicate musical ideas. Subjects such as mathematics can be further developed through the practice of music theory.


The process of creating or writing a new piece of music. Composition nurtures creativity and encourages new ways of thinking.


Spontaneously composing and performing music. Improvisation helps to strengthen listening skills and teaches us to recognise patterns and scales. Improvisation improves rhythmic awareness, encourages creativity and improves confidence in self-expression.  


Listening to and appreciating a musical performance. Listening to music can improve mood by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. This boosts memory, sparks creativity and encourages productivity.



The broad study of music from a historical viewpoint. Music history can teach us why certain practices have become standard and how we can create an authentic performance. Studying music history can improve analytical skills, writing skills and the ability to learn independently.

By embracing all areas of music education you can enrich the lives of your students. By providing easy-to-use material, MUSI Resources will make approaching all areas of music education less daunting and more convenient for everyone.